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“The best way to start people”


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[photographs by The Wide Angle]

We were inspired by a friend who tweeted about “cute kids” to upload a gallery of children from all walks of life and from many different countries. Little people who’re cute, intelligent, happy, charming or obnoxious… because however you look at it, children are certainly “the best possible way to start people”, as the saying goes. The kids in these pics are from Morocco, Bali, India, Madagascar, Panama, Argentina, Borneo, Ghana, Brazil. Originally we were going to caption them, but that’s just too easy. An experienced traveller would figure them out. So go on – go figure…


One comment on ““The best way to start people”

  1. Deborah Thompson
    November 28, 2011

    Really enjoyed looking through the gallery of children! They’re one of my favorite subjects to photograph on my travels as well – there is no guile, no acting, no pretence. They are the genuine thing, with all their character still intact. Thank you!

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