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How to travel without moving

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[words by Narina Exelby / photographs © David Lemke, Ryan Pyle Wylie Maercklein, all The WideAngle]

Switching languages; remembering words. Consulting maps. Catching taxis; running late; riding buses; booking flights. Crossing time zones. Checking in; checking out. Packing. Taking pictures. Walking streets, changing currency; finding bars. We fill our days with so much doing when we travel that it’s easy to forget to just – breathe. To simply be. To notice that the late-afternoon air is a little cooler now than it was half an hour ago; to trace the patterns in the pavement, so different from home; to smell the rain; to watch the wind tug at a piece of litter. We become so obsessed with going, with doing, with gathering and with recording our experiences that we often miss out on truly living in the world in this moment. So here is your challenge: the next time you step outside, be still for a minute and just observe. Breathe. Feel. Tune in to details. You’re likely to find that you don’t have to go very far from home to really experience the world.


4 comments on “How to travel without moving

  1. Beautiful reminder. When I’m “at home” I have to walk my dog, which almost always makes me pause to breathe in the new or the waning day, but when traveling, as you say, I forget. Thanks for the reminder…..I WILL remember this next time.

  2. In Search of Perfect
    November 22, 2012

    Beautiful. I am enjoying your blog so much. It’s an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  3. Di Brown
    August 14, 2013

    What a lovely way you describe the art of just “being” We are forgetting how to do that. I agree that we get so caught up in capturing the moments for when we return that the trip in itself can be nothing more than a memory. We were there, but not present. So good to be reminded of this, thank you

    • Parallel Worlds
      August 15, 2013

      Di, it’s something I need to remind myself often. Being present is difficult these days!
      Glad you enjoyed the post.
      Narina x

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