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The adaptables

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[words by Narina Exelby / photographs © Mark Eveleigh and Narina Exelby]

Three camera bodies, six lenses, one iPod, one iPhone, one iPad, two laptops, one GoPro camera, 11 adaptors (including two that plug into light bulb sockets – one bayonette, one screw), one cell phone, two battery chargers, one tripod, one speaker, two back-up drives and more than a few metres of cables – that’s what Mark and I are travelling with in Kenya. Ridiculous, I know. I sometimes wonder if we’ll blow the plug sockets in a few of the places we’ve worked from, but it’s all necessary for us to get our job done.

Thing is, all that tech doesn’t quite fit with the idea of a real African bush adventure. Not the way our work-worn early-1970s Land Cruiser does. Its nicks and dents, reinforced bars, rattling doors, crude dash, sturdy jerry cans, cobbled roof hatch, erratic lights – they’re right at home, out here in the wildest parts of Kenya’s parks.

While our jobs dictate that we shoot super-high-res images with our Canon and Nikons, Mark and I have decided to also record this journey for fun, in a way that feels most appropriate. And so we decided to shoot with Hipstamatic.

One muddy Nairobi morning, over breakfast in a well-used overlanders’ camp, we eventually settled on using Jimmy lens and Kodot X-Grizzled film for this trip. We wanted something that looks retro without being too processed (so it could possibly be used in a magazine feature), and that captures the unpolished romance of an African safari.

These are a few pics from our journey so far. What do you think?


One comment on “The adaptables

  1. gemmafottles
    September 19, 2012

    Really like the photos, think you’ve got the exact right balanced for a retro-y look. Like like like.

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