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Mark Eveleigh

In 1992 Mark Eveleigh spent six hours reviewing his life while swinging from the end of a fraying cable in the world’s highest cable-car, in Venezuela. The psychological shock of this experience was enough to send him plummeting down the slippery slope into the shadowy world of freelance travel journalism.

Mark led the first expedition by foreigners into Central Borneo’s ‘valley of the spirit world,’ (researching his book Fever Trees of Borneo) and has since returned to those unexplored valleys on several occasions. He grew up in Africa, and returned in 1999 to trek through northern Madagascar with a zebu pack-bull. The full story was told in Maverick in Madagascar (published by National Geographic). He has travelled the world on assignments for more than 80 titles, including Esquire, Geographical, The Guardian, CNN Traveller, Sunday Times, New York Times, Travel Africa and Africa Geographic.

Undercover assignments have taken him from Zimbabwean farms to Bolivian prisons, but charging elephants and a randy Peruvian llama taught him the real importance of journalistic footwork.

He continues to spend several months of each year travelling on assignments in remote parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America but between trips is based in Pamplona, Spain. Hemingway once described Mark’s adopted hometown as ‘the hell-raising capital of the world’…but the man who Maxim magazine called ‘a borderline insane modern-day explorer’ admits to finding it increasingly difficult to shake off the effects of the world’s greatest fiesta.

Mark is the founder of The WideAngle photographers’ cooperative, and a soul-surfer who drinks beer with Tabasco.

For more info on Mark, click through to his website or follow him on Twitter: @Mark_Eveleigh


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